Looking for…

She was looking for another half,
But I was only a whole.

I was looking for another whole,
But he was only looking for another hole.



Flakes (The Semesterly Poetry Attempt)

It’s that time of the semester again when I write poems to make up for absences in Allegra Kent’s ballet class. I think I deserve brownie points for this one because I made it rhyme and I never make stuff rhyme. In other news, it snowed.


Every snowflake is different

I’ve heard them say

But will each still be so special

On a warmer day?


When the flakes turn to slush

To murky rivers on the street

A faceless soup

Of flakes once discrete?


Were they ever really special

If no one stopped to see

Their brilliant little moments

Of ephemerality?

Still (aka Nadia attempts poetry)


When I had to kill the movement

Strangled it with every muscle

Its ghost still haunting me

With little waves in my ribcage

Rogue percussion in my chest

Delinquent thoughts running through my veins

Quivers in my eyeballs


Not dead forever

But for now, and still now

Not still forever

But still now, and now still


For 16 more seconds


Hold still

Hold on still

Hold on to still


Be still my beating–

Clock with a hand on the verge of a tick

Do I still even want what I’m waiting for?




If you’re wondering what has inspired my poetic explorations, one of my ballet teachers asked us all to write a poem. Also, I’m procrastinating on a research paper. This is sort of about a section in a dance I’m in where we run in and then attempt to stand perfectly still for much longer than I would like. But it’s also just about stillness in general. Stillness is hard. It’s dead. It’s alive. It sucks. Sometimes we really need it.