Misty, Haikus, and other Finals Week Updates

After 40 pages of papers, 4 exams, and a long night grading session my finals are done. Some updates:

  • Coffee is good. I was never a daily coffee drinker before last week, because I was trying to save up my caffeine sensitivity for “emergencies,” but that has kind of gone out the window lately. I’m drinking coffee now.
  • At one point, it seemed like a good idea to write my papers as haikus instead of actually finishing them. Think #HaikuYourThesis could become a thing?

How to make it big:
Unis, music, public funds
Don’t piss off HUAC

He cares more than her
Blurry, disconnected forms
Marriage is scary

Sexy prostitutes
Get grotesque with Picasso
Shows a messed-up truth?

Mo oil mo problems
Did regional control help
Eh, it’s still a mess

Saudis and US
Frenemies with benefits
Democracy screwed

  • So I just casually took class next to Misty Copeland yesterday. It was in a very small, chill upstairs class at Steps: just a couple of pros, couple of tween bunheads, couple of adults, Misty, and me. She had just flown in that night, but was obviously still gorgeous. I tried to play it cool by not asking for a selfie.
  • Currently taking on the airport on Christmas Eve. Wish me luck.