A Haiku About Modern Dance (And Other Stuff)

Falling on purpose
Never hits you quite as hard
As the accidents


Misty, Haikus, and other Finals Week Updates

After 40 pages of papers, 4 exams, and a long night grading session my finals are done. Some updates:

  • Coffee is good. I was never a daily coffee drinker before last week, because I was trying to save up my caffeine sensitivity for “emergencies,” but that has kind of gone out the window lately. I’m drinking coffee now.
  • At one point, it seemed like a good idea to write my papers as haikus instead of actually finishing them. Think #HaikuYourThesis could become a thing?

How to make it big:
Unis, music, public funds
Don’t piss off HUAC

He cares more than her
Blurry, disconnected forms
Marriage is scary

Sexy prostitutes
Get grotesque with Picasso
Shows a messed-up truth?

Mo oil mo problems
Did regional control help
Eh, it’s still a mess

Saudis and US
Frenemies with benefits
Democracy screwed

  • So I just casually took class next to Misty Copeland yesterday. It was in a very small, chill upstairs class at Steps: just a couple of pros, couple of tween bunheads, couple of adults, Misty, and me. She had just flown in that night, but was obviously still gorgeous. I tried to play it cool by not asking for a selfie.
  • Currently taking on the airport on Christmas Eve. Wish me luck.