A poem about when the N train is stopped and R rolls in across the platform (and other stuff)

When you’re stuck at the station
struggling to be patient
with the endlessly-stalling
train which is calling
itself “express,”
is it time to guess
that you’ll cover more ground
with one that’s forward-bound
at any rate?
Or better to wait?



Snow Day Decisions

Today was my first snow day in 5 years. Well, actually half of a day . . .

How schools in each state I’ve lived in determine snow days:

  • North Carolina: Alleged snowflake sighting? Everything canceled. Someone turned on a school bus? No make-up days.
  • New York: Blizzard conditions and no visibility? Deal with it. People dying? Okay, we can cancel some afternoon classes.
  • California: What’s that? Fog counts as inclement weather, right?

Of course, this reaction wins:

Stay warm and alive people.