Are Adult Humans Supposed to Have Hobbies?

…you know, things that are not their job and not their life calling, and they enjoy doing those things sometimes without caring terribly hard about whether or not they are good at them?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is very cool that my sets of “things I would voluntarily choose to do anyway” and “things that I am trying to do for my job” are largely converging, but this also sounds like a recipe for being an exclusive workaholic.

So should I start woodworking? Join a science fiction book club? Get really good at video games?

I’m trying to develop inexpensive and non-messy hobbies in particular:


And generally trying to slurp creative juice out of neat little boxes. As adults do.

Dancing Around the Elephant in the Room

Sure, it’s tough not to notice the stomping on the wood floor
But you’re here to be a dancer, not a circus act
So you won’t climb it or ride it or grab it by the tusks
You won’t even look it in the eyes
You want to dance about things less ugly and heavy and smelly than elephants
This won’t be an elephant dance.

So you try dancing around the elephant in the room
Dancing where it isn’t, going only where it doesn’t
Trying not to notice that the pathways you trace are looking quite elephant-shaped
This is not an elephant dance.

Some elephants grow when you give them the space
But this still isn’t about elephants.
So you’ll just keep dancing tighter and smaller
‘Till you’re pressed against a wall
With no more room to dance at all










I decided to write about something other than politics today.