Post-Grad Day 1

I’ve been a bit off the radar this week, because it turns out that graduating is time-consuming. So I’ll just leave without commentary one more improv video and a DIY tassel.





Life Lessons: We Need to Stop Putting People in Boxes (and Put them in my Boutique Mason Jars Instead)

It’s tempting to try to put people into boxes based on things like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or appearance. I used to do it myself, until I realized that people are multifaceted individuals that shouldn’t be shut away into boxes–they should be contained in equally unique boutique mason jars instead. These high-quality designer jars, made from stained sea glass, can be purchased on my Etsy store for only $49.99 plus shipping.


Truly valuing people for who they are isn’t always easy. We live in a world that always wants to put labels on people. But I now realize that a label is a flimsy and superficial way to represent who someone is as a person. I now reject labels and insist that all people should be monogramed by hand. Please private message me to place a custom order for etched and embroidered calligraphy for only $60 per letter (with a little extra for those weird letters, like “q”).

Also, I totally don’t see color, except for the soft yet spicy pastels of my spring scarf collection, coming out next month. Invest in the future, and pre-order yours today!

Updates from Texas

I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog-skimming for a short announcement: You may have noticed a new “site” tab at the top of this page. You probably didn’t. So I’m telling you now: I’ve been putting together a website for my dance and writing work, so check it out here!

Some other things I’ve been making in the couple few weeks:


Yeah, I had  a lot of time on my hands . . .

But so much not any more! I’m currently in Texas getting ready to be an RA at a Joffrey Ballet School program. (Slash professional pokemon-tracing artist.)




More Things


A bit of what I’ve been up to:

  • These:


  • I’m towards the end of the Python course. I just made a web crawler and I’m attempting to make a tic-tac-toe game. Apparently, the latter is harder. I also nearly smashed my computer out of rage, which seems like something that legit programmers would do. However, I think that my low caffeine intake prevents me from being truly legit. 
  • I’m trying to apply for dance festival internships/work study programs which will allow me to dance over the summer. It is pretty tough to find things though, and I’m feeling some pressure to do other things with my summer. I just want to dance so badly and I’m trying to do everything I can to make it work practically. 


I Make Things.

Some of this week’s creations:


I was really into jewelry making when I was 10 to 13-ish. I even had an Etsy shop for a while. Since then, it has kind of slipped out of my life, though I usually get back to it on breaks. My current jewelry binge is reminding me what I love about it, though. I get to start with things–beads and wires and chains and pliers (rhyming unintended) that I can touch and thread and twist–and designs come from that. Plans are unnecessary. I like to make sense of forms as they happen. For me at least, ideas are often best when they stem from a physical place. Nothing gets creative juices flowing like actually doing stuff with actual stuff.