I want to change the way people see the world.


Yesterday, when we were walking around the city on this absolutely gorgeous day and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, my friend asked me “So what do you want to accomplish in your life?” (It made sense in the context of the conversation, trust me.)

In the moment I wasn’t sure how to answer. That kind of Big Question that ends in “life” feels like it deserves one of those Big Answers like “change the world,” but those seemed trite and didn’t fit me quite right. And I don’t think I can honestly claim to be someone who consistently places “the world” over my personal goals and relationships.

I kept thinking about it on the train ride home and my favorite of the answers I came up with was “I want to change the way people see the world.”

Maybe it sounds pretentious, but it seems to cover a lot of what I do. Or what I want to do.

Maybe a few people. Maybe a lot of people. Maybe a little change. Maybe a big one. Maybe it’s the first step to creating actual change in the world. Or maybe not. Maybe the change in perception itself is just as important and real as “actual” change is.

I want to make people see the world differently. What about you?

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