Career Development with a Twist: How to Answer Job Interview Questions Without Ever Answering the Question

Hello hopeless millennials, and welcome to my new series, Career Development with a Twist, the career development service with the most LinkedIn endorsements for Microsoft Office!

First up, here are some suggestions for answering a few standard job interview questions in a way that lets your evasive contrarian side shine through. Keep in mind that these answers will most likely not result in you being employed, but for some odd reason, they might make you feel like you won anyway!

What is your greatest strength?

They’re all really great–it’s hard to choose.

What is your greatest weakness?

They’re all really great–it’s hard to choose.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Like any individual, I will never be able to truly see myself–we can only piece together images of ourselves from the reflections of others.

What makes you uncomfortable?

Those shoes with the pointy toes.

What have you learned from an uncomfortable situation? 

Toe anatomy.

How do you personally define success?

I don’t. I believe that words are defined collectively by usage.

Is money important to you?

Well my landlord doesn’t like it when I try to pay in happiness, family, or passion.



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