Prank Calling

*Answers phone*

Is your refrigerator running?

Um, yeah…

Well you might want to go catch it. But you also might not. Maybe you’re sick of chasing after something that’s always running.

And more power to you then, if you’ve given up. Because who knows if and when it will ever stop running? And if it ever did stop, you know you wouldn’t want it anymore. You would call it broken and useless and go look for something else that’s still running. You only want what’s still running and never warming up. 

Is this a joke?

Yes. It’s all such a joke, and I wish I had realized it sooner, but I was too busy running. I thought that laughing might slow me down. 

Um are you still talking about…

I’m sorry, I’d love to talk longer, but I really need to go. My refrigerator’s running, and I might want to go catch it.






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