America Wants a Leader Who’s Not Afraid to Tell it Like it Isn’t

What America wants is a leader who’s not afraid to tell it like it isn’t. A leader who doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mindno matter how recently it entered his mind,  who put it in there, or whether it corresponds with actual conditions in the world

Sure, what he has to say might not alway sound “correct,” but he’s not going to let the “correctness” police in the mainstream media stop him from saying it. Is our culture “correctness” going to protect our country from the terrorists? The answer is no. Is shouting “Radical Islam” lots of times going to protect us? It might if it’s loud enough–I think I heard that terrorists are afraid of loud noises, so that might scare them away.

Since America fell into this oversensitive culture of “correctness,” we have a generation that feels constantly entitled to things like facts, and seeks instant gratification of their desires through newfangled technology like Google. “You should have Googled the actual immigration statistics before your speech,” they say.

Excuse me–did the Founding Fathers use Google? No way to know for sure, but I assume not. If anything, they seem more like Bing people (with the exception of John Adams, who probably used Ask Jeeves before it was abolished–thanks Obama!).

One of the second most important rights in our Declaration of Independence is freedom of speech. In it’s purest form, that means that speech should be an actual free association of thoughts uttered in a relaxed mental state–not bound by the law, the media, grammatical structures, or logical coherence. When you hear someone talking like that, you know he can’t be lying (at least not technically, because deception requires a certain level of knowledge and self-awareness).

It’s only by following these American ideas that we can return our country to the glory of its greatest years–like when Ronald Reagan built a Berlin Wall around Mexico. After all, if America doesn’t have a leader who’s not afraid to tell it like it isn’t, how can we expect to get back to an America that wasn’t?

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Satire alert: no I’m not serious, but I think some people are…


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