What am I Doing, Anyway?

Well after a few weeks chillin in California…

and some last minute attempts to absorb all of the French language by osmosis…



I’m here in Paris for a month…

to study…


13342965_10208543609139921_8122669439523719492_n (1)


Bread! Ehrm, wait–I meant dance!


A highlight so far was watching the Hofesh Schecter company perform Barbarians–one of the most skillfully wacky emotionally haunting pieces I have seen in a while–and then getting to take class–improv and repertory– from some company members. The class got me working on “finding my groove” without getting stuck in my “loops,” (which also happens to be something I need to figure out in my life in general).

More updates to come. Au revoir peeps!


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