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Hey look, a thing where I talk about myself: check out this profile on the Hatch Presenting Series blog about me and the work I’m showing, along with the other artists in the series. The performance is tomorrow at 8pm at the Jennifer Muller/The Works studios! For more info:

Hatch Presenting Series

Nadia Kayrallah will  present her solo work May I Have Your Attention Please?  Saturday April 2nd.  Read on to learn more about her work.


Choreographer Bio

Nadia Khayrallah is an aspiring choreographer, performer, and writer who is currently studying dance and psychology at Columbia University. Throughout her training at Cary Ballet Conservatory, the Conservatory for Contemporary Dance Arts, and the Barnard College Dance Department, she has had the opportunity to work with choreographers including Pam Tanowitz, Caitlin Trainor, Diane Coburn­Bruning, and Sidra Bell, as well as to perform repertory by Mark Morris, Twyla Tharp, Jose Limón, and Ohad Naharan. Since discovering her urge to choreograph as a teenager, she has presented work through Mark Foehringer Dance Project’s Young Choreographers Mentorship Program, Launch Dance Festival, Columbia’s CoLab Performing Arts Collective, and a site­specific film installation for Barnard Founders Day, as well as creating a variety of independent dance film projects…

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