Things I’ve Written in One-Sentence (ish) Journal Entries:

  1. “How am I supposed to know what I’m writing about before I even write it? Am I supposed to be psychic or something? Do you expect me to read my own mind?”
  2. “The awkward moment when you’re homesick, but you’re not sure where for.”
  3. “I’m craving some really generic food. You know, the kind that you eat and think ‘yup, this is food’ and not much else.”
  4. “Sometimes, when I see images of Westboro Baptist Church protests, I feel like telling them to make their hate speech more inclusive. Like why all the male-centrism–doesn’t God hate dykes too? And don’t bisexuals and trans people deserve a place in hell just as much as gay people do?”
  5. “I think ‘Anything That Moves’ is the name of my (maybe existent) future dance company.”
  6. “I’m officially coining the term ‘marginally significant other.’ Like when you haven’t reached the boyfriend/girlfriend/S.O. threshold, but it’s still probably a thing. At least you’re pretty sure it is . . .”
  7. “Why has no breath mint company ever used ‘freshly minted’ as a slogan?”

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