Greetings from Croatia! I’m here with family for my cousin’s wedding, but before heading to the hotel where the wedding party is, we spent our first day in Old Dubrovnik being tourists.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city with a rich, ugly, complex history, but more immediately visible is a scene of shiny tourist hubs which don’t have much to do with any of that. And I don’t say that to complain in any way or pretend that I am somehow above the whole tourist thing–unsurprisingly, I enjoyed the things that were specifically designed for people such as myself to enjoy. I enjoyed the nice restaurants and cute cafes with beautiful views and the ability to talk to people in English (and I’m certainly not going around claiming to be more “worldly” because of this sort of travel experience). But I had to laugh at myself for being such a stereotypical tourist sometimes, especially when stopping to take pictures everywhere and getting lost.


Of course I also had to dance! My sister helped me film this little improv on the steps near our apartment (the old town is filled with steps like these).

This dance also reminds me of being a tourist: that odd combination of exploring a place like it’s a novelty and also moving through it as if it’s already yours. In terms of editing, I also tried to play around with the basic idea of up and down and how they can be related and intertwined.

More pics and updates to come!


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