Camp Notes

Some observations from working at an art/science camp for kids:

  1. According to outfits worn on superhero day, Elsa from Frozen is considered a superhero. And hey, given that she can turn people into ice and instantly build castles, it seems pointless and kind of sexist to argue otherwise.
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still a thing. A big thing. (Is it still the 90s?)
  3. I’m pretty sure elementary school teachers are actual superheroes though.
  4. It’s really hard to make yourself more interesting and appealing than a play structure.
  5. Tag games where people can “save” each other are a sad representation of failed self-interest. They never save each other, and they all get out.
  6. “A couple drops of paint” will never actually be a couple drops.
  7. Tissue paper tie-dye is actually really awesome.
  8. Paint markers are really exciting.
  9. Kindergardeners are not too young for intense interpersonal drama (seriously, exclusion stings at all ages).
  10. Kids don’t know how to distinguish adults’ ages. Anyone over 15 is already pretty ancient, so they might as well be 53. Or 98.

Some quotable moments:

Kid 1: “Santa Clause isn’t real!”
Kid 2: “Santa’s not real?”
Kid 3: “Some people think God isn’t real but he is.”
Me: “Hey, who wants some more beads?”

Kid to a counselor: “Why are you wearing fairy wings if you’re a boy?”
Other kid: “Boys can be fairies too!” (You tell ’em, kid.)

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