Semester Recap: Things I Learned

  • Say yes, then figure out how–that’s how you realize what you’re capable of.
  • Or say no. No can also be a smart, sane, necessary choice.
  • Possible ≠ good for you.
  • On the other hand, testing the boundaries of possibility is fun and informative.
  • No one is actually a real adult with their shit together. Some are just better at pretending.
  • Talking under pressure is hard. I think we should be less harsh on babbling pageant contestants, because some of my phone interviews have probably made incoherent Miss America speeches seem pretty brilliant.
  • The archetype of the asshole genius is overrated. There are enough people in all fields, who are doing brilliant work and being genuinely kind, generous people, who provide a better model to aspire to. Success doesn’t mandate an overinflated ego–that’s just an excuse.
  • When I say “I don’t know,” it sometimes means “I’m not ready to admit what I really want.”
  • Life is a series of rejections with a few key exceptions.
  • It’s not about whether you mess up. It’s about how you mess up.
  • Sometimes there’s not an app for that.
  • Stress doesn’t really crush you until you feel like you’re dealing with it alone.
  • Sometimes, having someone ask “are you doing okay?” can mean everything.
  • “Independence” is a lie. We’re all dependent on the help and work of other people, even if we pretend otherwise. And I think that acknowledging help beats faking independence.
  • Don’t skip the hard parts.
  • Some people have it a lot harder.
  • Dancing is actually the best.

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