Why are Peasants in Ballet Always Happy? (And Other Pressing Questions)

Finishing off the first of two very intense weeks (with a lot of paper-writing and number-crunching, and even more studio time), I had my first show today, performing Coppelia with our student ballet group. My performance went pretty well, especially considering that I learned one of the pieces pretty last minute (though there were some technical difficulties with the music in the second act, which demanded some serious creative improvisation from the people onstage).

Of course, nothing says performance weekend like semi-sensical backstage commentary. Some selected conversations from me and other dancers:

“Look happy–you’re peasants. Wait, why are peasants in ballets always happy?”
(Later) “It’s because they’ve already plotted the revolution!”

“Why are hours dancing at a wedding?”
“Is measured time really a friend you want at your wedding? Or does it invite itself?”

When, unfortunately, one dancer is sick, leaving the waltz short an hour:
“It’s about daylight savings time!”
“It’s about special relativity!”
“It means we’re going to die sooner!”

The new hook-up culture:



On an unrelated note, check out these videos I danced in last weekend with a few friends from my internship:


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