Life Hits

As is probably the case for a lot of people, these last couple weeks of my semester have gotten really intense really fast. It’s mostly things I really want to be doing, but this has still majorly been testing my stress-management abilities. Things happening in my life lately:

  • Working/filming performances for my internship this weekend. Have some editing and organizing to do now.
  • Collaborated on a dance film project with some other interns in-between those rehearsals and performances.
  • Tech week for a ballet performance this week. Another dancer recently got injured, so I learned a 7 minute dance last minute, mostly from video. Did it for the first time at dress rehearsal yesterday. Performing next weekend. Erp.
  • Tech week/performances for the dance department show the following week. Oh, and Mark Morris came to rehearsal for his piece that we’re staging last week.

“Tight pants don’t make you intelligent.”

–Mark Morris

  • Philosophy paper that needs to happen this week (hello social media and the post-liberal subject).
  • Experimental Psych research project that needs to happen in the next couple weeks (hello stereotype-threat, socioeconomic status, and spreadsheets).
  • Some finals.
  • Still, applying for summer jobs/internships (mostly unsuccessfully). This weekend, this involved me writing sample coverage of a film script, which I previously did not know was a thing (but now I do).
  • Sleep?

The mottos I came up with for this week (they must be true because they sound good?):

  • Life is a series of rejections, with a few key exceptions.
  • It’s not about whether you screw up. It’s about how you screw up.

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