Snowpocalypse Dancing

Because why let a little cold and aggressive snowball fighters get in the way of dancing? What we did this Wednesday:

DanceLens “let it go” during Snowpocalypse 2015 (“it” being assumptions about where dance should occur, of course)! Also, people threw snow at each other.

Filming: Bridget Jamison
Editing: Nadia Khayrallah
Dancers: Bridget Jamison, Kiki Mackaman-Lofland, Debbie Mausner, Melissa Kaufman-Gomez, Sadi Mosko, Carolyn Silverman, Nadia Khayrallah, Freeland Ellis
Also featuring: snowball fighters of Columbia University, some kids, and a dog

Music by Brad Bosenbeck, AnnMarie Buonaspina, Drew Vella, Jason Domingo, Justin Scheidling, and Maryann Buonaspina. Check them out here. 

DanceLens is a group for Barnard and Columbia University students dedicated to the creation of site-specific dance films. Check us out here. 


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