I consider it a good sign . . .

. . . when I’m most excited about breaks ending. Like maybe my everyday life is filled with the right stuff, if I’d rather be in it than out. Some of what I’m up to lately:

  • Some exciting dancey things in my semester:
    • Starting an internship doing video documentation and promo videos for a dance company.
    • Rehearsing Mark Morris’ Gloria and a contemporary ballet piece that involves pointe shoes, knee pads, and slapping myself a lot.

      A new fashion trend?

      A new fashion trend?

    • Taking a composition class with Twyla Tharp. Casual.
    • I was briefly in a hip-hop class before a lab section got in the way, but I was pretty convinced that I was on track to gaining at least five cool points.
  • I saw Sleep No More which was one of the most fascinating, immersive performances I’ve been to (it’s sort of an interactive dance-theater Macbeth in a haunted-house format). While my tendency to think about it from a production and performance perspective probably got in the way of me being legitimately creeped out, the performers and the sheer amount of things to explore made it awesome. And yeah, I had a few passing thoughts of “what if I ripped off my mask and started dancing with her.”

    I got a little blood on my hands too . . .

    I got a little blood on my hands too . . .

  • Sure, it’s a little rough transitioning back to being a student, but I don’t really mind that my reading material is getting little more Rousseau and a little less BuzzFeed. Is the difference that huge anyway? I like to think of a single great text as managing to combine all the gross generalization of a BuzzFeed list, the self-importance of a ranting blogger, the reference web of Tumblr reposts, the racism of a YouTube comment section, and the succinctness of a tweet. Just kidding about that last one. (Not that I don’t love dead philosophers as much as the next human, I just think this stuff can get more fun when you knock it off its pedestal and poke at it a bit.)

2 thoughts on “I consider it a good sign . . .

    • Ouch, that would have been rough in heels!! Yeah, they definitely make you work for everything you see–which I thought was both a really annoying/frustrating and really refreshing change from the usual “passive audience member” role.


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