The Early Years: Bechdel-Test-Passing Fairy Tales

In honor of #ThrowbackWednesday I’m digging through some of my elementary school creations. From my Kindergarden days, here’s the cleverly-titled hit The Princess Who Got Lost (with modern commentary):


Fate or nominative determinism?


The trees must have interfered with her cell reception, making her unable to use Google Maps. Or since this is from 2001, I guess she was probably using MapQuest on her pager or whatever.


Our heroes emerge. And no, none of them are Prince Charming.


Another lesson: don’t be ashamed to ask for directions. Also, princesses apparently change clothes really fast. And hair color.


I was not afraid to go all abstract expressionism with the illustrations.

image-4I’m not sure if I’m feeling the queer subtext here, or if it’s a celebration of female friendship, not subordinated to romantic ideals, but my princesses were totally passing the Bechdel test way before Disney thought it was cool (sorry Frozen)Also, fluffy animals.


One thought on “The Early Years: Bechdel-Test-Passing Fairy Tales

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