14 Things I Learned in 2014

Last year I did a 13 Things I Learned in 2013 list, so surprise, I’m back with 14 more for this year (mostly from this semester, since I already made a first year of college list).

  1. Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.
  2. You don’t get bonus points for making yourself miserable while you do it.
  3. Very rarely will will my regrets include “I wish I had stayed home and studied more.”
  4. Wikipedia surfing may teach you as much as college. If you do it way too long.
  5. Accusing people of “oversensitivity” makes no sense when you realize the guts it takes to call people out. (This applies even if you think that person is wrong and even if they are.) Why is the alternative (fearful, uncomfortable silence) equated to “toughness,” whatever that means?
  6. 5 dining swipes a week can take you surprisingly far if you milk them for all they’re worth (and by that I mean taking out cups filled with milk. And cereal. And bread. And peanut butter. I think you get the idea.)
  7. If you let people see you at your worst once, you’ll have nothing to hide (this applies to pirouettes and emotions and sweatpants).
  8. Who knows what “being yourself” really means, but stopping-being-what-you-know-you’re-really-not is a good step.
  9. Actually doing all the reading for class may not be the most time-efficient approach, but it certainly has its charm.
  10. Spotify.
  11. Opposites can attract, but that doesn’t mean they won’t blow up at each other when they meet.
  12. It’s okay to make space for the people who make space for you, instead of leaving empty holes for those who won’t.
  13. Events that don’t advertise the free food have the best free food.
  14. It’s okay to act like you care.

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