Columbus Day Party Ideas

So Columbus day may not be a universally celebrated holiday. Here at Columbia, we generally avoid it because we’re not supposed to like imperialism and genocide and stuff, which is cool except for how that we ignore the fact that the school still is named after Columbus the other 364 days of the year. But if you’re still looking for a reason to party, here are a few ways to celebrate everyone’s favorite conquerer.

  • Columbus Day Gift Exchange: A twist on Secret Santa with a little more emphasis on the “taking” than the “giving” part. Draw names out of a hat. Now go in to that person’s room and take whatever you discover.
  • Navigation Experimentation: test out the theory that you can get to Brooklyn by taking the uptown train long enough. One you’re pretty sure you’re not in Manhattan anymore, get out and start referring to everyone you see as a hipster.
    • Alternative: if you don’t live in the NYC area, you can still have some fun with alternative geographic realities by using Apple Maps to get anywhere.
  • Discover: Columbus Day is all about discovery, particularly the type that involves things that other people already know about. Do this yourself by using the Discover feature on Spotify to find some party music that is slightly less well-known than what is already on your playlist. Feel really cool for playing it. Heck, finding music is an art–it’s almost like you wrote those songs yourself. Can you get copyright privileges?

Have fun and feel free to throw in your own ideas (or better yet, other people’s ideas that you take credit for)!


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