Plato is on to me.

So I’m back at school and reading some things. Like this:

“The musical modes are never changed without change in the most important of a city’s laws.”

–Socrates, Plato’s Republic

That’s right all you artists living in academia-land, even the dude with his name on all the libraries knows that art is not just a cute decoration to stick in underfunded elective classes, but a vital force in driving social values and change.

Which is why he wants to control us, of course. (Fictional) Socrates sees this as a reason to ban new music, movement, and poetry, which has the power to shake the foundations of his perfect aristocracy.

Not cool. But sometimes it’s still nice to be seen as a threat rather than a joke, right?

Oh Voltaire, that’s a nice little thought, but when I read and dance, I can be kind of dangerous.

Plato knows it. And he’s scared. Wouldn’t want people dancing all over his clean little dualism and objectivity, would he now?


Hey, Columbia. I’m back.


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