I Accept (iOS) Change at my Own Rate

(Or Extreme Makeover Phone Edition and other mildly amusing updates)

So until yesterday, I was avoiding switching to iOS 7. From iOS 5. Yup, I’m a luddite. And the new screen looked weird. And change is hard and I just want some constants in my life, okay? And if it ain’t broke, don’t install updates, right?

This is what my phone looked like before.

This is what my phone looked like before . . .

. . . And after.

. . . And after.

So am I giving in to system now? Maybe. Or maybe I just like to accept change on my own timeline, and not the one the The Man decides. (And hey, I’m almost just in time for iOS 8’s release. Also, security problems and old software.)

The dollar section at Target now has $5 items. I feel deceived. How long has this been a thing? Is this because of inflation?

Speaking of the Target dollar section, I feel like it’s a pretty bad sign when candy is labeled “chocolate flavored.”

So if it's candy coated and chocolate flavored, what's it made out of?

So if it’s candy *coated* and chocolate *flavored,* what’s it made out of?

Yesterday, I went to Carmel, CA, a beach town where it’s illegal to wear high heels without a permit. I was thinking that they would have a permit test similar to the driving test where you first have to take a written test about the history and theory of heel-walking and then you go on the road and show your stuff. Bonus points if it looks like this:


Or better, this:

Turns out, you just have to sign some waivers. I still kind of wish I had got one, though. I could have been a literal card-carrying heel-walker.

In other news, someone really likes Jane Austen.

IMG_2124 IMG_2128


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