The Other Things I’m Learning

I’m getting ready to wrap up my last week as a summer intensive chaperone. We’re all pretty tired at this point, but I’m definitely going to miss the amazing full dance days, dancer-dorm life, and cohesiveness of having most of my life in one place. A lot of the time, I feel like my life is really fragmented between school, dance, and occasional attempts to be social (each involving a totally different set of people), so it’s nice to be able to fully invest my energy in one world for a while. I have a notebook full of dance-related things I’ve been learning, but I thought I would share a some of the weirder/random things I’ve learned that fall into the “everything else” category:

  • Some parts of San Francisco have their own climate zone. Being prepared for one type of San Francisco summer doesn’t mean you’re prepared for any San Francisco summer.
  • It’s really hard to tell a kid’s age by looking at them.
  • Dorm hallway stretching parties are more fun when you’re in a dancer dorm. Which means it’s not a party of one.
  • If you make a homemade twister board out of a shower curtain, make sure you use permanent markers. Or don’t, and also end up with tie-dye socks.
  • I need more yoga in my life.
  • Kids will stop being shy about contact improv if you are fearless with them. When you are falling into them and maneuvering them around, they don’t really have another option.
  • Twister is more fun with dancers.
  • Twister is more fun when you make people maintain constant contact and keep one limb off the floor, and call out the hardest spaces you can think of.
  • Quarters are hard to find.
  • Children/teenagers enjoy singing Frozen songs almost as much as college students.
  • Strangers on public transportation appreciate those songs somewhat less.
  • You know you’re a little crazy when you want to spend your whole day off taking classes. I don’t care.
  • My current mantra: if you think you’re going to die, you probably won’t.

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