Life in the Geekosphere (& Other Updates)

So remember when I learned Python? Well now that I’m back home, I’m once again being a caffeine-less seasonal computer geek. Or at least a part-time appropriator of geek culture.

My mom convinced me to take her online JavaScript class (slightly ahead of the schedule so I can check for typos and clarity and such). The good news is that I made a virtual dog named Fredward. But JavaScript is not my fave. I guess Python spoiled me, but that stuff has way to many curly braces for me to handle. I think I spend about 20% of my time writing code and 80% trying to figure out where that missing curly brace is. And I’m a touch snobbish about inconsistencies in the language:

Me: What? Why is the type of null an object?

Mom: It just is.

Me: It doesn’t make sense.

Mom: It’s just a design flaw. This guy made JavaScript in 10 days so–

Me: That sounds like Genesis or something. Like “…and on the fourth day he created arrays.”

Mom: Um…

Consensus is, Brendan Eich isn’t exactly God-status, but . . .

Okay, never mind. If this cat likes JavaScript it must be good. (From JavaScript for Cats)

Python and I had another little fling too. My dad wanted me to make a program that would slurp info about his patents from the patent office website and organize it into text documents. I did, and I was feeling pretty proud of it at first. Like Hey I just made a thing. Like, an actual thing that does things. What if I got people to buy this thing. Could this count as a start-up?

Then I realized that I didn’t actually know what my program was for. Minor problem. Asked my dad. His response: “I don’t really know. I just felt like it could be useful for something. It’s a good start, right?”

Besides that, I’ve mostly been just hanging around, getting ready to tutor some kids next week, dancing (though not nearly as much as I wish I was), and enjoying the California weather, while also missing NYC like crazy. Next month I’ll be working as a chaperone for a dance intensive (and yes, dancing too) which I’m super excited about. I do kind of wish I was doing more right now, particularly since everyone around me seems to be doing amazing things with their summer, but I guess there are worse things to have than free time.


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