Things I Did This Week

  • Drank coffee. Like actual coffee and not that mildly coffee-flavored sugar stuff. This is a first for me, so the caffeine was super effective on my body. Should have known that carmel frappuccino would be a gateway drug.
  • Tests, papers, blah blah blah. Hence the coffee.
  • Did group meditation in a writing class.
  • Submitted a paper to a queer studies contest. An hour before the deadline of course.
  • Wore a tiara.
  • Participated in a psychology study that involved watching all of the murder scenes from horror movies with electrodes hooked up to my body.
  • Fell asleep in a computer lab.
  • Had my nails painted for the first time in months and the second time in several years. I forgot how much sexier it feels to do arabesque arms with red nails.
  • Took a day trip to D.C. with my friend. Buses were nearly missed. Many fences were hopped. Many cherry blossoms were seen. Many trees were hugged. Many selfies were taken.







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