Why I Won’t be One of Those Apologetic Bloggers

So I guess I haven’t posted in a while. I guess that means I’m expected to start my next post with something like:

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had a bunch of papers and midterms and rehearsals and general life crises. Basically life has been sort of crazy and I literally haven’t had a minute to post anything. Anyway, back to talking about Buzzfeed or dancing gerbils or whatever . . .

But I won’t. Here’s why:

  • No one actually cares that much: If you follow or read my blog, I highly appreciate it and you are the best. However, it seems a little egotistical to act as if there are tons of people anxiously waiting by their laptops with deep concern over whether or not I post something. (That said, if you feel that you have been personally victimized by my lack of posting, let me know and I will issue you a heartfelt personal apology, possibly in poem or interpretive dance form.)
  • The excuses are just excuses: Have I been having some life crises? Sure, but what else is new. Have I had a bunch of work due? Yes, but it’s not like I didn’t spend an equal amount of time procrastinating paper writing on Facebook as I did actually writing papers. Saying “I didn’t post because I was busy writing a paper” isn’t any more accurate than saying “I didn’t post because I felt more compelled to passively experience the mind-numbing properties of the internet.” Which I think is valid too, because . . .
  • I don’t need an excuse anyway: Why do I have to justify not doing anything? Who decided that the only acceptable reason for someone not doing something is to be doing two, three, or twenty other things at the same time. I’m not a big fan of all this “productivity worship” that makes us feel like we’re morally inferior or wasting space by doing anything besides highly efficient, insanely multitasked work with concrete results. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing. In fact, I probably don’t do enough nothing.

Also, it’s my blog. Until someone pays me to write this stuff, I’m going to keep on posting as frequently as a feel like. Plus, I should probably work on apologizing less in life in general, and this seems like a decent place to start. Not that I’m sorry for apologizing. I can apologize if I want to. Just not right now 🙂


One thought on “Why I Won’t be One of Those Apologetic Bloggers

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