My Laptop and Other Undead Things

A week ago, my laptop decided to stop functioning, conveniently timed before a bunch of paper deadlines. The good news is: after a few trips to the Apple store, a few nights of locking myself in a computer lab, a few other nights of not doing work because I hate working alone in a computer lab, borrowing my friends’ computers to suck out my data, a bit of beginner amateur engineering on my part, and a few emotional breakdowns, the laptop lives! (And so does all my data!)

Turns out it was just faulty software and I just had to erase and reinstall everything. Apparently this is a common thing. I think I’m too relieved to be angry about it–the woman sitting next to me at the Apple store had a similar problem and ended up having to buy a new computer and pay $300 for data recovery. It really could have been worse.

On the subject of things returning from the dead, I came across this gem of a review quote in my research for a paper about the history of Frankenstein. From the Harvard Advocate, 1869:

“The principle moral to be derived by Harvard boys from this book is that dangerous proficiency in chemistry should be carefully avoided.”

I’m assuming that Harvard kids are still employing this lesson today.


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