I Can Breathe Now

Recently, I learned that I can and should breathe. Particularly while I’m dancing.

I mean, that’s something I’ve been told every couple of months for the past ten years, but I’m still working on really learning. Knowing is different from learning. You know you should be working something instead of falling into the endless internet tunnel, but have you really learned that?

Breathing is something that is easy to put on hold. Sure it’s essential for survival and all, but it’s something I can do at any time. It’s important that I breathe every few seconds, but is it really that important that I breathe now? When there is so much thinking and moving and aligning and adjusting and feeling and shaping and projecting to do? Breathing can wait until the next break, when it gets easier, when I have less to do.

Not that I’m consciously thinking this–too busy. If I was thinking about it, I would realize that I need oxygen now, not later, while I’m working my hardest, not resting.

But I forget. We all forget. While we’re all busy going about the business of living, we forget that we have to keep ourselves alive. 

So take this as a personal memo. It’s time to breathe.








Congratulations. You’re alive.


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