Some thoughts that went through my head on my way back to school.

  • I don’t want to go. Which is weird. I’ve been looking forward to this semester for a while and break seemed way too long, but now that I’m actually going, I have this aching feeling of stress and sadness. I guess the act of leaving itself is always hard. I guess the TSA doesn’t make it any easier. Plus I actually am sad to leave my family.
  • It’s funny how all progress in independence and maturity just fell away once I stepped into my parents’ house. Context really is everything. Now I feel like I’m 12 again and some part of me is freaking out about going to the airport alone.
  • Seeing SF lit up from the plane during takeoff: woah this place is beautiful. Bye.
  • Taking a shuttle from the airport in the morning: woah that sunrise. Why don’t I get up at 6 everyday? Besides the obvious . . .
  • This is the first time I’ve driven into New York and thought “Okay, I know this place. I’m home.” It’s funny how the same sights that were new and different last time now invoke comfort and familiarity. It reminds me that progress and growth are real.
  • Woah, I live here.

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